A Green Builder Producing High Performance Buildings & Creating a Better Tomorrow

Sustainable building design is a goal without boundaries. By supporting and implementing sustainable building design, Welek Construction, a green builder in Columbia, MO, is making a commitment to improve the environment. Though terms like “green building construction” are the buzz lately, Welek Construction’s passion in this field is evident through continuing education and recent membership in the Passive House club.

Our goals are providing value-added, high performance building solutions for years. Executing these designs requires green construction management with hands-on-experience.

The great danger is not that our hopes are too high and we fail to reach them,it’s that they are too low, and we do.
– Michelangelo
Green Builder Columbia MO

Geothermal Technology

Using Geothermal technology in your home can provide savings up to 70% on energy costs while helping preserve our environment.

Green Builder Columbia MO

Passive House Design

With extremely high standards and regulations, Passive homes are the fore-runners in the energy efficient construction realm.

Green Builder Columbia MO

What is Net Zero?

If you want to build a super energy efficient home with more window area, framing beautiful views and bringing natural daylight inside, you can set a more reasonable building enclosure performance standard. Investing a little more in heating equipment and possibly additional renewable energy sources can achieve zero energy use. Creating an energy efficient home is all about finding a balance between budget and performance levels and seeding hope for the future through dedicated action today.

Green Builder Columbia MO

Passive Solar Concept

Passive Solar design utilizes solar power exclusively. The home is created specifically to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reflect solar heat in the summer. With this type of building technology, a primary principal is to build the home with southern exposure, maximizing the natural benefits of sunlight.